Latasha Wilson-Batch is the Executive Director of Best of the Batch Foundation, with a vision of making the impossible possible for countless Pittsburgh- area kids.  The result is a community committed to becoming the “best of the batch” in life. The foundation reaches more than 3,300 boys and girls from financially challenged communities annually.  Latasha’s direction has resulted in new and innovative educational and extracurricular activities which collectively encourage children to become engaged and active participants in their education and in after-school activities.   She is a constant presence at “The Clubhouse” and the participants know that they can talk with her about anything.  She has developed special programs for young girls and women with emphasis on education, sports and fun.

Latasha is married to former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch and together they have five four-legged kids: Roxie, Bunz, Snoop, Nate and Aysia.

She talked with us about her work with children and her vision for the future of the Best of the Batch Foundation.