In November, Ashleigh Deemer co-founded the new political action committee Women for the Future of Pittsburgh along with outgoing City Councilor Natalia Rudiak, mayor-elect of Wilkinsburg Marita Garrett and County Controller Chelsa Wagner.

Deemer has a bachelor’s in environmental policy from Chatham University and has worked for Rudiak’s office since 2011, where she currently serves as chief of staff.  Deemer ran for the Democratic nomination for the District 4 City Council seat herself but lost in the primary earlier this year.

We talked to Deemer about the new PAC which aims to “disrupt the crippling political inertia in western Pennsylvania” by helping raise money for female candidates (something she knows about firsthand) and why Democrats in Allegheny County should be thinking more about diversity.

Find Deemer on Twitter and check out WTF Pittsburgh (that acronym!) for info about their launch party on Dec. 11.