Jessica Strong is the co-founder and co-CEO of Flexable, which provides on-site, on-demand childcare at events, conferences, and workplaces, allowing these places to be more inclusive and accessible for parents. She has a few undergraduate degrees from Ohio State, and a master’s in public policy/non-profit management from Carnegie Mellon. She has worked in education, mental health, as a freelance grantwriter, and created a coworking space with on-site childcare prior to launching Flexable in 2016 with her co-founder, Priya Amin. She has 3 kids, a husband that runs his own company, and a dog, and this combination means that she doesn’t really have time for any hobbies that don’t involve napping or coffee.

We managed to get her on the show despite her crazy schedule for a very interesting conversation about childcare, workplace equality and how the women in Pittsburgh’s startup scene support each other.