We like to tell people we’re the only podcast in Pittsburgh that passes the Bechdel test in every episode.

We want to listen to women talk about what they’re doing and how they’re changing their communities. We know it happens all over Pittsburgh, but women aren’t always recognized for their work.
They just do the work.

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With the Broadcast Podcast, we’re hoping to amplify (literally) the voices of women who are doing that crucial work, of raising awareness, fighting inequality and otherwise changing the world. Podcasting is very dude-centric (especially here in our fair city), so there’s plenty of room for women to make strides.

Inclusivity and diversity are key to our mission, so tell us who we should talk to. Who are the women who inspire you with their words and actions? How can we help tell their stories and bring some recognition to their work?

Our co hosts:

Natalie Bencivenga is the SEEN editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Her weekly Monday column documents Pittsburgh social life in all its diversity.  In addition to reporting on the city’s social scene, Natalie co-hosts, co-produces and co-edits her mid-Atlantic Emmy nominated weekly lifestyle Web show “Setting the SEEN” with Sara Bauknecht.  She also pens the nationally digitally syndicated “Ask Natalie” weekly advice column.  Natalie is a Pittsburgh native and holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pittsburgh.

Kim Lyons is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, The Boston Globe, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and numerous other local and national publications.
A staunch advocate for digital journalism and local media initiatives, Kim was a 2015 Kiplinger Fellow in Public Affairs Journalism at Ohio State University. She’s president of the Women’s Press Club of Pittsburgh, and founding member of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Online News Association. Find her on Twitter: @socialkimly

The Broadcast Podcast is produced by Sorgatron Media